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Timeshare Resales

The timeshare resale market only makes up about 5% of the timeshares purchased each year. But that number is growing. The more savvy buyers have benefited from the low prices and huge selection of aftermarket timeshares. Resale timeshare brokers and resellers are often ex-timeshare sales people, they bring the same expertise and knowledge about the ownerships. But timeshare resellers offer timeshares at much lower price, so you get the best deal on a timeshare for a fraction of the retail price!

Selling a timeshare is a difficult process, and most people are unsuccessful selling their timeshare themselves. Typically, a timeshare owner looking to sell for the first time will end up spending thousands of dollars on timeshare listing companies. A timeshare listing company charges a large upfront fee to put your property on their website. Since the timeshare resale market is flooded, your timeshare will compete heavily with thousands of similar properties. Your timeshare ends up getting very little traffic from timeshare buyers because your timeshare is a needle in a haystack. Timeshare owners who list with a company will often start receiving unsolicited calls from other companies claiming they have a buyer who is willing to pay the same or more than you originally paid for it (the original listing company sold your information). The timeshare scam artists will then pitch you the scam: “In order to sell your timeshare, I’ll need you to send me x amount of dollars”. This a major red light, and a classic timeshare scam.

The timeshare market has never seen such low prices on timeshares. It is not uncommon to see a popular timeshare week for sale on eBay for as little as one dollar plus closing costs. The savvy buyers on the resale market know how to look for bargains and are not worried if the seller says no to their offer. In this market, there will always be another timeshare seller looking to unload their timeshare at a steep discount. Most timeshare owners do not have the money or expertise to advertise and sell the timeshare they own, so the get taken advantage of by timeshare listing services. The low demand for timeshares has affected not only the retail timeshare market, but the secondary timeshare market as well. Until the timeshare industry benefits from another economic upswing, buyers on the resale market are enjoying buying timeshare resales at record low prices. If timeshares make sense for you, your family, or your vacation needs, then do not miss out on the great opportunity to buy resale timeshares for a fraction of their original cost.

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