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Timeshare Relief

Are you looking for relief from your timeshare? It is estimated that there are over 3 million timeshare owners in the United States who are unhappy with their ownership. If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you may find yourself among them.

Are you tired of paying maintenance fees?

Timeshare maintenance fees have been increasing at an average rate of 5% to 15% for the last two decades. When you purchased your timeshare, the yearly maintenance fee may very well have been a great value, but as it has risen, the value has decreased to a point that many owners believe they are over paying for their vacation ownership.

Do you have trouble trading your timeshare weeks for the vacations you want?

One of the largest benefits of buying a timeshare, according to the salespersons who pitch them, is the ability to trade and exchange your timeshare for a vacation in another location. However, with the advent of multiple exchange companies (RCI, II, etc), vacation clubs, and timeshare management conglomerates, the ability to trade your week for another desirable week has diminished greatly.

Has your timeshare become a financial burden?

At the advent of timeshares in the United States (1969), timeshares were considered to be the best vacation value available to the general public. Over the years, the industry has gone through many changes, re-directions, ups, and downs, and today, many timeshare owners find that instead of giving them a great value on their vacations, timeshares have actually become a financial burden. Many owners choose to dump their timeshare, defaulting on their financial obligations, as the burden of rising maintenance fees and special assessments becomes too much. Many owner’s credit is then adversely affected by their inability to keep up with the rising costs of timeshare ownership.

Have you fallen victim to one of the many timeshare scams?

The current economic climate has caused many problems in the timeshare industry, one being an influx of hucksters eager to take advantage of desperate timeshare owners. Timeshare owners, desperate to get out of their financial obligations to their timeshare,  are falling for unscrupulous listing companies, dishonest sales pitches and hollow promises to sell your timeshare – for a fee a of course. This outbreak of timeshare fraud has taken a large financial toll on timeshare owners across the nation – timeshare scam companies have bilked millions upon millions of dollars from unsuspecting timeshare owners. Those who were looking for timeshare relief, often found themselves out even more money and with seemingly nowhere to turn. You can avoid these scams altogether by contacting us today.

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